Productive Procrastination in Covid Lockdown

Photo by Kyle Arcilla on Unsplash

I’m most productive when I have much to do.

Take today for example. Here’s my To Do list, and keep in mind it’s relatively short given Covid and the fact that we hardly leave the house.

  1. Send work invoice
  2. Finish editing work story
  3. Start editing second work story
  4. Find more editing work
  5. Remind child about singing lesson
  6. Cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  7. Do laundry
  8. Read one zillion emails from child’s school
  9. Walk dog
  10. Call Microsoft about child’s glitchy computer
  11. Call Vodafone to get better overseas calling deal following surprise £200 bill
  12. Buy window and toilet cleaner
  13. Finish book club book

Here’s what I do instead:

  1. Wrote this story
  2. Cleaned my desk (sort of)
  3. Brushed dog (and walked him)
  4. Convinced child to make cereal, made lunch, got husband to cook dinner
  5. Moved today’s To Do list to tomorrow
  6. Bought wine
  7. Watched Bridgerton

So many accomplishments! This counts as productive procrastination. Right?

Writer, editor, parent. Former staffer at Quartz, WSJ and Inc. magazine.

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